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Pack 333 Pinewood Derby Rules

A Scout is Trustworthy. This is an opportunity to teach your Scout a lesson in trustworthiness.  Follow all rules.

  1. Car construction

    1. The Cub Scout should do at least 50% of the work on his Pinewood Derby car.

    2. Cars are to be built new for this year’s derbies. Cars raced in a previous year are not eligible to be raced.

    3. Official BSA Pinewood Derby wood block must be used.

    4. No pre-cut cars or other third-party kits may be used.

  2. Dimensions

    1. Minimum width between wheels shall be 1 ¾ inches.

    2. Maximum width of the car including wheels and axles must not exceed 2 ¾ inches.

    3. Minimum clearance between bottom of car and bottom of the wheels (between the wheels) shall be 3/8 inch.

    4. Maximum length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

    5. Maximum height of the car shall not exceed 4 ¾ inches from the bottom of the wheels.

    6. Use of the pre-cut axle locations in the official pinewood car block is recommended; however, if the existing slots are not used, a distance between the axles of 4 ¾ inches must be maintained.

    7. No extended wheel base cars are allowed.

  3. Weight

    1. The car maximum weight is 5.0 ounces as measured on the scale at the race inspection (the same scale will be used to inspect all cars). The car may weigh less than 5 ounces.

    2. No loose or moving materials of any kind such as lead shot are permitted in or on the car.

    3. It is recommended that weights on the bottom of the car be inset so they are flush with the bottom of the wood block or car (to avoid contacting the track).

  4. Wheels, axles, and other materials

    1. Only official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels, with the official BSA logo, can be used. All other wheels are prohibited.

    2. Only official BSA Pinewood Derby axles can be used. Single-piece axles are prohibited.

    3. Axles may be polished only (removal of burs is allowed).

    4. The axles may not be under cut. Altering the shape of the axle will disqualify your car.

    5. Wheel bearings, washers, or bushings are prohibited.

    6. The car shall not ride on any type of spring.

    7. The wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled, or rounded, You may only remove burs, seams, gate vestiges, and other imperfections from the wheels.

    8. All four wheels must touch the track.

    9. Detailing such as Steering Wheel, Driver, Decals, Painting and Interior details are permissible as long as these details do not exceed maximum length, width and weight specifications.

  5. Lubrication

    1. Only dry graphite powder may be used.

    2. Oil and silicone sprays of any kind are prohibited.  This includes Pinewood Derby® Krytox® Lubricant

    3. No graphite is allowed at check in, come ready to race. Be Prepared.

  6. Miscellaneous

    1. Cars must be free-wheeling with no starting device or other propulsion.

    2. No part of the race car can protrude past the starting post.

    3. The front of the car must have at least a ½ inch in the middle for the starting post.

    4. At the time of inspection, an identification number will be marked by the race officials directly onto the bottom of the car or on to a label applied to the bottom of the car for race management purposes.

  7. Race Track

    1. Only race officials will be permitted in the track area. (Other people may be allowed in the track area when specifically approved by the race officials)

    2. Following inspection until after the race, scouts may not handle their car. Cars will be loaded onto the track by Race Officials.

    3. A Scout may be disqualified if he touches or handles another Scout’s car.

    4. Officials will assign lanes to cars via a random or other fair, arbitrary method.

    5. If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, loses an axle, etc., the heat will be rerun. If the same has a similar issue on the second run, the car automatically loses the heat.  The race officials will decide by majority vote whether a car can continue to race after it has this type of issue in two consecutive runs.

    6. If a car suffers a mechanical problem during or after a heat (loses an axle, breaks a wheel, etc.) the Scout and his Akela or pit crew will be allowed to make repairs until the next heat which includes this car. The Scout will then be allowed to race his car, after it passes inspection again by the officials.  If repairs cannot be made in this time frame, the car will automatically lose this heat.

  8. All cars must pass inspection to qualify for the race and any prizes!

    1. An “Outlaw” division will be available for cars which do not pass inspection. These cars will be allowed to race, but will not be eligible for prizes.

  9. The intent of the Pinewood Derby is to HAVE FUN, DO YOUR BEST, and BE PREPARED.

This is a great day. Our Cub Scouts love it!