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Popcorn Kernel

Typical months of activity: August to November
● Scout Leader uniform: Not required
● Attend Pack Committee meetings: During Popcorn season
● Training: Yes, kickoff meeting
● Good organizational skills
The Popcorn Kernel is in charge of the annual popcorn sale. The Kernel will arrange Show and Sell
opportunities at local businesses, order and store product during the sales season, and encourage scouts to
make sales to family, friends and neighbors using the Take Order or Show and Deliver options. The
Kernel will then coordinate the collection of sales funds from dens and ordering additional or returning
unused product. The Kernel also handles the ordering and distribution of prizes from the sale and plans
the “Popcorn Movie Night” to celebrate the scout’s success. As Popcorn Kernel, you would help the
scouts learn how to fundraise for camping and other fun activities.